The Autumn Society presents SHELL-SHOCK

I wanted to make sure everyone saw this brand new kick ass poster for the new Shell-Shock show. It was certainly worth the wait. What’s really cool about it is it’s a collaborative effort of a few talented Artists. Each with their own style put into it. Big Turtle kudos to Glen Brogan (Albino Ravin), Bobby O’herlihy, Edwin Vazquez, and of course Chogrin. I officially want to help out with a poster for a future show, just sayin. Even though on my piece I entered for Shell Shock had the different colors of each turtle to give it that Animated series vibe, I really like how for the poster they just did the old school red masks. If anything, maybe people will ask why they are all red and learn a little something about the bad ass works of Eastman and Laird. I’m putting my entry in the mail tomorrow, save travels my acrylic friends.

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