The Sausage Queen of Chicago

Needless to say, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is one of my favorite movies, I am pretty religious about this flick. When I started this series of Nerd/Cult movie babes, Sloane Peterson was one of the must haves on the top of this list. The basic idea for these paintings is to pick my favorite ladies from my favorite movies and to do a stylized pin up, slutty version of their character. Just like Jennifer from BTTF, I try to capture their character more than doing a portrait of the actress playing her. Once I get that I cram the painting with as many references from the movie I can fit in. And there are plenty of things from this movie. If you catch them, great. If not, that’s ok, just enjoy the sluttiness I guess. But I think most of the items in this are pretty basic to anyone who has seen it. It is no doubt a classic.

I had some fun with this one, doing some homework and constantly pausing scenes from the movie on my mac. For example I wanted to know what was the Parade in the middle of the City when they filmed this. Turns out it is a real Parade they do in Chicago called the “Von Steuben Day Parade”. Kind of like an Oktoberfest, hence all the German stuff in the scene. I wanted to get some accuracy in there for that one. But in the middle of doing this “research” I found a cool website that answers questions I didn’t even think to ask.

If you’re into Ferris, you should check this out…

It brought up the question “If Ferris took the name Abe Fromen and his party of 3, why didn’t the sausage king of Chicago show up?” and “how the hell was he allowed to get on the float and do two rehearsed performances?” The writer reminds us that in the very beginning of the movie we see Ferris in the shower rehearsing for his Danke Shane number. Anyway, if your into that stuff, check out that site.

And if you’re in to these paintings stay tuned for “Andy” from the Goonies. She’s askin’ for it.

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