U2 360 Anaheim

My first U2 concert was Nov 14, 1992. It was the ZOOtv Tour at Angel Stadium. I was a freshman in High School and took my first girlfriend who was equally obsessed with theband. Basically it blew my mind, and became a religious experience. Since then I have been a loyal subject of the Church of Bono. Yea, he is hard to swallow sometimes, but that’s why I like him. I’ve been to 5 U2 shows since then but none of them were back at Angel Stadium. So in 2009 they brought the 360 Tour to the Rose Bowl. HOLY SHIT, it looked like they landed a spaceship on the 50 yard line. Black Eyed Peas opened and were worth the price of the ticket alone. So when word came around that the North American tour is coming back to CA, I wasn’t totally sure if I would shell out the cash again. As awesome as the shows are, it ain’t cheap. But then they announce it’s going to be at Angel Stadium. Not only is it ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY CONDO, it’s at the same place I saw them for the first time almost 2o years ago. OMFG I sounded old right then.

So I’ve always loved underground concert posters and thought it would be cool to make one for these 2 shows in Anaheim. Let me know if you want a print of this.

“The Edge” Bless You.


  1. Stumbled upon this poster on line. I live in LA and am going to both shows this weekend……..just saw them in Seattle 2 weeks ago. How do I get a poster. It’s awesome!!!

  2. This is AWESOME!!!

    I attended one of the shows, so it’s even more meaningful!
    Great stuff!!
    Are you still selling prints. If so, how much?

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