Who You Gonna Call?


It’s been rough trying to find time to get some more canvas painted this year. May has been crazy busy. But I was able to crank this out this week. I actually started it in Feb and did the bottom half, but let it sit for a few months. Having the OC Fair around the corner will always set a fire under my ass. So this will hopefully be showing in the Visual Arts area of this years fair. I need to drop it off on June 19th.

So anyway, Ghostbusters, easily one of my favorite movies. Probably in my top 5 movies of all time. My goal was to give it a pop surrealism feel to it, I’m not sure if it’s as strong as I hoped. My other goal was to not make it feel like nerdy fan art. I’m not trying to say that it is not nerdy, it is VERY nerdy, but that’s why I wanted to paint it. But there are some dorks out there that crank out some really bad stuff based on their favorite nerd movie. We’ve all seen it, and I hope this is a couple steps above that type of art. It was fun to paint, I would like to do a series of paintings done in this style. Probably a Caddyshack, Back to the Future, etc. But this painting made me really want to do a 2nd Ghostbusters painting that just has a stylized “Dana” looking all possesed and sexy. Maybe Zule in the back, huh?


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