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Well, It’s here. Today is June 1st. Tonight will be my very first solo art show. I knew I wanted to do a solo show and I am glad it worked out that my first one is this fun of a theme. Why “DUOS” you ask? I’ll tell ya. It’s the “buddy” thing. It’s how much fun it is when you have a better half to get into shinanagans with. And even more fun to watch in movies, tv, theater, etc. It’s the way they bounce off each other. And how you sometimes think one is your favorite, and for some reason the next time you watch the movie, it’s the other one. I guess it depends on the mood. Sometimes Harry Dunn is funnier than Lloyd Christmas. It happens.

So obviously there is an entire universe of Duos to pick from. So I had the awesome challenge to narrow it down to my favorites. Once the theme was decided, it was my personal goal to produce 100 Duos to display in the show. Well, I’ll be the first one to tell you I failed. I had abut half that. Then I hit a lull, I had about a few weeks left and wasn’t sure who to do as the last min additions. After nerding our with a few of my friends about who the MUST HAVES are, that lit a fire under my ass and I sprinted towards the finish line with a whopping 69 Duos. For some reason, it just seemed like a fun number to showcase.

This process included the people around me throwing in their ideas about who I need to have. As good and as helpful as those ideas were, most did not meet my qualifications on ‘WHAT IS A DUO?”. To me, it’s more of what a Duo is not. If there the main thing that makes them a Duo is because they are in a relationship, that is NOT a duo. Sorry Ricky & Lucy Ricardo. And if the 2 are arch nemeses or they hate each other, but are always seen together, they aren’t a Duo either.  But for example, Brennan and Dale from Stepbrothers hate each other, but the movie ends when they are friends. So it passes my strict demands. Another thing I had to deal with to narrow it dow was that if there was more than 2. For example, I couldn’t just pick John Lennon & Paul McCartney. I wouldn’t do that to George and Ringo. Another example of that is Ghostbusters. I had to represent it somehow, and luckily there were 2 characters from the film that would make a great Duo. Gatekeeper and Keymaster. (Lewis & Dana). And in the case of Harry Potter. I’d love to do Harry and Ron, but the hell I would break up that threesome with Hermione. I looked for things like that to make sure my requiremets were met. And don’t be surprised if someday I decide to add some more to this set. No reason not to. And if this show is a hit, a trio show might be in the cards. Lots of good trios out there as well. It’s friggin endless.

You still with me? OK then. Let’s see some art. Hope you like it. If you get a chance, head on down to the F+ Gallery in Santa Ana California. The show runs until early July. But it’s all about opening night, hope to see you there. Here is some important info for the pieces themselves. I only have 1 limited edition print per Duo for sale night of. First come first serve, starting at 7pm. Once that sells it is only available on the website. Thanks to Amy and Micah from F+ for helping me out with getting this show on it’s feet and giving it a great home. Going to kick ass.

Wayne&Garth Walter&Jessie Trent&Mikey Tommy&Richard Tim&Eric theDude&Walter Shaun&Ed Seth&Evan Scooby&Shaggy Roger&Eddie Rocky&Bullwinkle Ren&Stimpy Randolph&Smoochie R2D2&C3PO PrinceAkeem&Semmi Pinky&theBrain Pain&Panic Neil&Del Napoleon&Pedro Mike&Sulley Michael&KITT Max&Carol Mario&Luigi LoneStarr&Barf Lewis&Gilbert Laurence&Freddy Launchpad&Darkwing Larry&Jeff Kevin&Paul Jules&Vincent JB&KG Jay&SilentBob Jake&Elwood Jack&Tyler Itchy&Scratchy Honeydo&Beeker Hogarth&IronGiant Harry&Lloyd Happy&Chubbs Geroge&Yorkef George&Stanley GateKeeper&KeyMaster Gadget&Penny FukYu&FukMi Fred&George Fred&Barney Ferris&Cameron ET&Elliot Eddy&Patsy Doc&Marty Derek&Hansel Daniel&Miyagi Craig&Smokey Chunk&Sloth Cheech&Chong Charlie&Grandpa CaptainKirk&Spock Calvin&Hobbes Brian&Stewie Bret&Jermaine Brennan&Dale Billy&Josh Bill&Ted Bert&Ernie Beetlejuice&Lydia Beavis&Butthead Batman&Robin Atreyu&FalcorAce&Gary


Opening Night DUOS




It’s around the corner, and I was able to crank out 69 different duos for this show. If you are in the OC this Sat, June 1st be sure to stop by and enjoy the overdose of pop. I’ll be throwing some more sneak peeks up as we get closer, look out for that. OK Bye.


3B coverage by Steve Czarnecki from

I just realized I didn’t put this video from on the site yet. It’s pretty outstanding.  Thanks again Steve, it was great meeting you.

The 3B Show “It’s Showtime!”

May 5th at first seemed so far away, but it came and went. The whole night seemed like it was about 10 minutes long. Thanks to everyone who made the long haul up to Venice. Thanks to Oscar for grabbing the folks from to get me an interview. Thanks to Steve Czarnecki for hooking it up on the BTTF website. It was awesome to finally meet the curator Joseph, AKA Chogrin, thanks for letting me a part of 3B, I keep wondering what 3 movies could be done next year. I really hope to do more shows with him and the talented group at the Autumn Society. I got asked to be a part of their next show “Shell Shock”, in Philadelphia. It’s themed to the one and only TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’ve wanted to be in a Gallery 1988 show since I first checked it out at the 2nd Crazy For Cult on Melrose in 2008. I hope this is the first of many more shows like this for me. They always have the best collection of Pop Artists, each with their own style and vibe. I love everything about it. A truly, most excellent evening.

Out A Time

Serious Shit.

It’s pretty much a nerd requirement to be into Back to the Future. I never got to see the first one in the theaters, but fell in love with it on the ol’ VCR. And by the time part II and III came out I was certifiably obsessed with the Trilogy. I seem to recall a lot of haters of the 2nd one, complainers thinking it was too confusing. Lame. And some knuckleheads even hated on all the cowboy stuff. I for one LOVE part II and even III. And the way the last movie ends gave it the perfect ending. Mostly because of little Vern being dirty, I mean seriously, have you seen that?? I highly recommend you Google that now. And yes, I admit i never saw it until the YouTube thing pointed it out.

But i digress, I chose this scene to paint because it’s what started it all in Twin/Lone Pines Mall parking lot. BTTF rocks, plain and simple, and I can’t wait to see what they do in 2015 to celebrate. Probably set the Universal Hill Valley set on fire again.

And just for the record Claudia Wells>Elisabeth Shue. Fact.

1.21 jigaHOTs

“Oh La La, OH LA LA??”

What we have here is more than a crotch shot in purple Calvin Kleins. It’s the start of what I hope to be a series of babes from nerd movies. Starting with Jennifer from Back to the Future, this one also features a handful of visuals from the movie. I modeled it after the actress Claudia Wells from the first movie. Nothing against Elizabeth Shoe, she’s great and all but I think all nerds know that the girlfriend from the first movie is way hotter. I wasn’t really going for a photo realistic painting of her though, it’s not my thing to do portraits of people. But I did want a bit of her likeness. Just enough for when you see it, then notice what’s around it, you get it. My goal was to make a modern pin up stylized painting of that character, and surround her in the nerdy world of BTTF. I made sure to put things from all 3 movies in here. This would be my idea of Marty McFly’s room, as if Marty just left. It is 10:04pm after all, he has a Clock Tower to race to.

Part of what got me thinking of this series was some inspiration from this year’s Comic Con. Ideally it would be great to get twelve different paintings like this and offer a Calender to sell there. Or even just reproductions of each. I think that if there was ever a market for this type of art, that would be the place. So anyway, stay tuned for more of this type of work. My next one like this will most likely be Mia Sara from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. Ferris definitely has the iconic room to pull it off.

Here are some other characters I’d like to give this treatment. Can anyone think of any others? ( Leia is too obvious, I left her off )
Phebe Cates from Fast Times
Elizabeth Swan from Pirates
Casandra from Wayne’s World
Jessica Alba from Sin City
Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman
Christie Brinkley from Vacation
Elizabeth Berkly from Showgirls or/and Saved by the Bell

Fun Stuff.